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"German for kids"

"Němčina pro děti"

"Deutsch für Kinder"


New courses start 4 February

Nové kurzy začínají v 4 unor

Kursbeginn wieder am 4 Februar




move jump learn


Dynamic German lessons for kids aged 4 and up.

Concept and lessons created by native speakers.

The ‘Kinderschule’ concept combines early-years foreign-language learning with physical activity — the most natural way for the very young to learn.

Movement itself is a foundation for language proficiency and rhythm, dance, jumping and singing are at the core of our teaching concept.

We also work to give our children an early impression of German culture by using authentic German educational materials.

We use specially compiled materials, inpired by the Goethe Institute in order to meet the individual needs and learning styles of our early learners.


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‘Six children’ and ‘Five children showing hands’ © oneweb /

‘Großmaulpuppe’ © Daliono Spielwaren / / Katalogbild

‘Teddy bear’ and ‘Two kids playing football’ © Kinderschule /