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"German for kids"

"Němčina pro děti"

"Deutsch für Kinder"


New courses start 4 February

Nové kurzy začínají v 4 unor

Kursbeginn wieder am 4 Februar


"Hello, I am Lisa."

"Hallo, ich bin Lisa."

"My first day

at school"

"Mein erster Schultag"


Our Program


About me



I am Barbara; the children in the picture are Anna and David, my kids. They are inspiring me a lot for the preparation the lessons for our early learners.

Our Programme

The children will learn their new language with the help of a range of activities and movements:

- Rhymes, poems and finger games

- Little stories, pantomime, singing and dancing

- Rhythms created using simple instruments or the body (clapping hands, stomping feet, slapping legs)


Seeing, tasting, hearing, feeling: we involve all our senses in the learning process!


All our lessons are individually and carefully prepared for each class. We are combining different teaching materials in oder to meet the level of knowledge and the way of absorbing the language of each little student.


Our classes also introduce children to the cultural aspects of Germany through songs, rhymes and games for children. And as we go, we will also learn about German food, drinks, customs and behaviour, landscapes, traditions and design.

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